Our Purpose at Open BK Auto Loans!

Buying a new car is a really exciting time but sometimes things like poor credit history can put a damper on your happiness.

But what if it didn’t have to be that way? What if you could walk into a dealership pick out the car of your dreams and drive away happily in your brand new vehicle without a worry or care in the world like ‘Did they just give me this car by mistake?’ or ‘ How am I going to pay for this with such high interest rates?’ Something like this could only happen in some parallel universe though, right?

Wrong! We at Open BK Auto Loans strive to allow you to do just that! You should enjoy your new car, not be worrying every second!

You may even think that you’ll have to get some old used car with a ton of problems that is just barely an upgrade from what you have now, but that’s simply not the case with us!

We have a guaranteed approval so that anyone no matter what your story can have a new decent car that can surely exceed your expectations.

We can get you  behind the wheel of your next car without all the hassle of loan denials based on your poor credit and high interest rates.

We can’t take all of the stress of looking for a new car away but we make the buying process a lot easier!

Not sure what kind of car suits you best we have many partnered dealerships that might just have what your looking for! Why not check out some of our partnering dealers  new cars for sale. Not sure if you’re quite ready for a new vehicle? No worries! There are tons of used vehicles for sale as well that might just be what your looking for!

There are many different makes and models available and we’re excited to help you get behind the wheel of the right one for you, so let our dealerships find you your dream car and than come to us for all of your auto financing needs because that is our purpose, to help you when no one else will or can. So fill out our guaranteed approval form on our website today and get ready to drive away in your next new car as a satisfied and worry free new owner of one of many amazing vehicles out there!



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